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Managed Growth Portfolios for Aggressive Investors

Advantages of MGP Capital

Most money management firms gather your assets and put them in some giant overly diversified mutual fund with 2,000 stocks in it.  Then they charge you huge fees every year on top of the management fees you pay to the mutual fund.  These mutual funds rarely beat the market because with all those different stocks in them, they are "the market".  You deserve something better. 

Our professional investment management service offers you many advantages over mutual funds and full-service brokers.

Separate Accounts
We manage your assets for you in a separate discount brokerage account in your name.  This allows for maximum flexibility in tax management and estate planning.  Unlike mutual funds, your returns and tax liability will not be affected by the inflows and outflows of others.  Sophisticated investors understand that separate private accounts are the most compelling investment structure around.

Complete Flexibility During Rough Times
When the stock market turns down we have the flexibility to raise the amount of cash in your account up to 100% and even short the market with exchange traded funds.  Mutual funds must keep a pre-determined asset mix according to their prospectus.  This forces them to stay in stocks during bear markets which can devastate your portfolio.

No Conflicts Of Interest
Our interests are perfectly aligned with yours.  We charge a quarterly fee for our services based on the amount of assets in your account.  We do not benefit from the commission on each trade.  We also invest through our actual cash model portfolio in the same stocks we buy for you.  Therefore, you can be certain that we will make investment decisions for you based solely on the goal of growing your assets.

Minimize Taxes

We offer the flexibility to minimize your taxes.  Tax-lot accounting in a private account allows our portfolio managers to respond to client withdrawals and necessary turnover by selling highest cost-basis stock first.  Matching gains with losses when the realization of gains is necessary also will minimize your tax bill.  We can also try to hold your stocks for a year to take advantage of the favorable long-term capital gains tax rate.  A mutual fund can't make investment decisions based on your personal tax situation.

Low Fees
We do not invest in actively managed mutual funds so you only pay management fees once.  We also have agreements with well-respected service-oriented discount brokerage firms to provide extremely low commissions along with outstanding execution on the trades we make in your account.

No minimum Account Size
We have no minimum account size.  This allows us to bring the value of private professional portfolio management to more investors.  Smaller accounts with fewer securities, however, may be more volatile. 
Great Service
We believe that exceptional client service is a very important part of successful investment management.  You will receive the highest quality monthly account reporting from your brokerage firm, the ability to view your account online, detailed end of year tax lot accounting to aid in tax preparation, and monthly newsletters discussing your investment positions and our outlook on the markets.

Trust and Integrity
Integrity is the foundation of our business.  We are committed to the development of highly trained and ethical professionals. Your trust is most important to us.

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