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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I invest with MGP Capital Management?
Just call us and we will send you the paperwork to open a brokerage account in your name. We will also take the time to discuss your investment objectives and explain how our services can help you reach those goals.

Where will my assets be kept?
Your assets will be custodied in a brokerage account in your name with Fidelity Investments' National Financial Services with Siebert Financial as the introducing broker. 

Will my assets be safe?
MGP Capital Management, Inc. never takes possession of your assets.  Your assets will be sent directly to Fidelity Investments' National Financial Services.  You give MGP Capital Management, Inc. only the authority to trade the assets in your account. 

How do I keep track of my account?
Each time we make a trade in your account you will receive a trade confirmation from your brokerage firm.  Each month you will receive an account statement from your brokerage firm.  At the end of the year you will receive a list of capital gains and losses for help in tax preparation.  Each month we will send you our newsletter detailing our outlook on the markets and explaining our reasoning behind the stocks we have bought for you and our outlook on those stocks and the market.

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